Week # Date Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 26/09/2016 Construction Start Site Cut Rain Nothing
Week 2 3/10/2016 Piering Scheduled – X Piering done Slab frame and underground plumbing
Week 3 10/10/2016 Steel work and pods work done – ready for pour Slab Poured – Slab Invoice Issued Met with SS, Houspect slab inspection
Week 4 17/10/2016 front of the site leveled Drainage work started – Tiger tails Drainage work finished – Sydney water vent shaft contact – SS put job on hold Site demolition talking to Sydney Water
Week 5 24/10/2016 Sydney Water work Sydney Water work Vent shaft Concrete fibro found
Week 6 31/10/2016 Vent shaft installed. SS informed
Week 7 7/11/2016 Frames Delivered
Week 8 14/11/2016 Frames work started Frames – more work at the back, and upstaris floor steel laid upstairs floor boards
Week 9 21/11/2016 ground floor windows installed. Delivery for upstairs frames and roof trusses upstairs frames done roof trusses started, windows installed – mostly done Frames Stage completed – Invoice issued
Week 10 28/11/2016 Plumbing raughing completed 3 sand bag delivery Bricks Delivered Bricks started – Half day
Week 11 5/12/2016 Bricks – mid day drizzle Bricks, Drizzle Site cleared Bricks Delivered